[Event] Innovation Day 2019

Dans les starting block de votre transformation Rejoignez-nous lors de la quatrième édition de l’Innovation Day le mardi 10 septembre à Lausanne et découvrez les dernières tendances digitales : Modern Workplace : productivité, mobilité, sécurité et efficience Microsoft Teams : l’outil de collaboration indispensable à votre métier DevOps : la… Continue reading

Use of NTP can create CHAOS

NTP (Network Time Protocol) is the widely used protocol used by computers to ensure that their internal clocks are accurate. Surprisingly, connections between computers and NTP servers are rarely encrypted, making it possible for hackers to perform man-in-the-middle attacks that reset clocks to times that are months or even years in… Continue reading

Encrypt Linux partition using LUKS

Hi everybody. Today I will explain you how to use LUKS to encrypt a disk partition. LUKS stands for Linux Unified Key Setup that means that you can forget to mount as such LUKS partition on a Windows operating system. LUKS uses cryptsetup user-space tool to configure dmcrypt, a kernel-space module that made all cryptography stuffs. Because LUKS… Continue reading