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A lot of people who are passionnate or simply very interested by the technical IT has already searched some information about the hacking term. The hacking is a vast term often used to describe all the technics (or art ?) to bypass software, hardware or networking’s security. In the famous world of Internet, you can find a lot of websites which propose some hacking challenges of different kind. The best one (for me and in french), is

This site offers a series of challenges involving several areas ranging from the use of flaws to crackme, through steganography, cryptography, programming … and this in complete legality! If perchance you block (and you will be :-)) on a challenge, a very active forum is available on site with members who will be there to give you some clues. But in all cases, it is up to you to find methods to achieve your goals …

For those who do not speak French, I recommend the site also contains a large number of challenge with increasing difficulties.

Personally I am active on 🙂 Do not hesitate to contact me for further information on these sites challenges. I am also taking information so if you know of other cool sites do not hesitate to contact me so that I complete this post.

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