[News] Russian hackers have stolen 1.2 billion passwords

Today, an important news about the IT security is issued.  A group of Russian hackers has seized about 1.2 billion internet passwords on U.S. and foreign companies around the world.

Hackers have put their hands on user names and access codes of some 420,000 websites. This information comes from researchers at security company Security Hold. According to him, the hackers were able to access some 500 million e-mail accounts. “The hackers have not only targeted U.S. companies, they targeted all the websites they could find. This included the companies listed in the Fortune 500 to very small sites, “said Alex Holden, founder of Hold Security at the New York Times. “Most of these sites are still vulnerable,” he warned.

This intrusion, which could be the largest ever made, was conducted by a group of hackers based in Russia, somewhere between Kazakhstan and Mongolia. According to the “Times”, hackers, aged twenty years men would be no more than a dozen.

For more information, please read the official article : http://www.holdsecurity.com/news/cybervor-breach/

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