[News] iDict, the Bruteforcer of iCloud account

Hello, everybody !

Hacker’s world starts new year with a cool gift from an hacker named “Pr0x13″ with the tool iDict which permits to bruteforce iCloud account. This tool is available to download on GitHub.

This tool uses an exploit a security flaw of Apple iCloud security infrastructure to bypass restrictions and two-factor authentication security that prevents brute force attacks.

Pr0x13 claims iDict to be a “100 percent” effective and simple to use method of cracking individual iCloud account login credentials. Standard users are continuously using a weak strength of password such as “password,” “12345678,” “qwerty,” “abc123,” and “iloveyou”, expecting that they couldn’t be a target of hack. But, now they need to worry about it.

Actually, iDict is limited by the size of the dictionnary (only 500 passwords). If your password is in this list, your account is really in danger. Please change it and take the habit to set more complex password.

Pr0x13 says his intentions were only to alert Apple about the vulnerability, so that the company could fix the problem as soon as possible. The tool , according to the hacker, has been released to force Apple to act on the issue and nothing else

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