[News] Hacker Shows How to Break Into Military Communications

Speaking at the Black Hat cyber security conference, the analyst Ruben Santamarta of IOActive presented a paper showing that communications devices from Harris, Hughes, Cobham, Thuraya, JRC, and Iridium are all highly vulnerable to attack.

Soldiers on the front lines use satellite communications systems, called SATCOMS to call in back up, lead their comrades away from hot spots and coordinate attacks, among other things. Airplanes use SATCOMS to rely on data between the ground and the plane, and ships use them to avoid collisions at sea and call for help during storms or attacks. A well-known hacker says he’s found some major flaws in the communication equipment that ground troops use to coordinate movements. The equipment is also common on a variety of commercial ships and aircraft rely on to give pilots vital information. In other words, you can hack planes.

To read the official post, please click on the following link : http://www.defenseone.com/technology/2014/08/hacker-shows-how-break-military-communications/90947/?o

You can download the paper of Ruben Santamarta by clicking on this link : IOActive_SATCOM_Security_WhitePaper

On the next picture, you can see a summary of all vulnerabilities.


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