Linux Terminal like in Hollywood’s movies

Hi guys,

In this very little post I just want to share a very funny tool that I found.

Whenever I watch movies or series, many “heroes” have an engineer or hacker in their pocket to help them with their daily “tasks”. This often makes me smile ironically when I see the famous “hacker” press 10 keyboard keys in 4 seconds and he is able to locate a mobile phone by triangulation or have a visual on the target by pirating on the fly a russian military satelite… 🙂 In all these false exploits, we often see terminals with lots of colors and text scrolling in all directions.

There is a tool named, ironically, “Hollywood” in Linux and which can display a multitude of terminals with full of color and nonsense text! We thank the author who took the trouble to include the music of a Mission Impossible in his tool 🙂

To install it, just type the following command on Debian based distribution:

sudo apt install hollywood

After the installation is done, you can run the tool simply:


That all, you are ready to hack the world…

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  1. Need to have this in the office…LOL

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  3. I get unable to locate package hollywood

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