Funniest Linux Kernel comments

Hi guys,

in this post I have some of the funniest Linux Kernel comments that the programmers have written in some sources files. Please add yours if you find other :-).

Personally I just used “grep” command in the kernel source directory.

All “suck” comments

All “sucker” comments

All “shit” comments

All “fuck” comments

All “bitch” comments

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  1. Why didn’t you use
    grep -B2 -A2
    (to also print the 2 lines before/after)

  2. Apparently, you have encountered a bug at your first (?) ounitg with Linux.All I can suggest is get another distro. Probably one with the latest kernel which might support your hardware better. Try open suse.

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  8. I hadn’t thought of using containers but that’s a great idea. Thanks so much for sharing!

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