Break all secrets like in Sneakers movie

Hi guys, after my last post about a very funny tool to perform some tricks in Linux terminal ( , I found another cool tool.

Do you remember the “famous” Sneakers movie (1992) ? If yes, it probably sound like a stupid movie today, but 25 years ago, this was THE hackers movie 🙂 For those who does not know or does not remember this movie, you can watch this popular scene below:

As you can hear, “mmh, it’s encrypted…”. And, please, don’t ask me why the guy wears this strange black glasses, I do not remember, and I don’t want to remember…

So, why I talking about this movie in this post ? There is a very good reason. This scene when the hacker “decrypt” the data was famous and it was one of the coolest effects, in the line of Matrix falling characters. I found a project on GitHub, named No More Secret (NMS), that allow you to reproduce this effect in your terminal.

There is no binary available for this tool but you can easily compile it from the sources. If you haven’t GIT, please install it and the ncurses libraries. Please note that I use an Ubuntu for this demo.

sudo apt-get install git libx32ncurses5-dev libx32ncursesw5-dev

Now, you can clone the GIT repository of NMS

cd /tmp
git clone

Then, just go to downloaded directory and perform the compilation and the installation

cd /tmp/no-more-secrets
make && sudo make install

The compilation and the installation are quick. The “nms” tool is installed under “/usr/local/bin” and it is automatically added to the PATH.

To use it, simply pipe custom input to nms tool. Here some examples:

echo "this is a secret" | nms
ls -al | nms
cat mysecret.txt | nms

“feeding” NMS like this will perform the Sneakers effect and the time of the effect depends of the size of the input. You have to press “Enter” during the effect or at the end of the effect to reveal the clear content of the input 🙂

Have fun !



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  1. La classe, je vais l’utiliser pour impressionner mes collègues 😉

    • Cyrill Gremaud

      haha je doute que tu ai besoin de ce tool pour les impressionner 🙂 Je suis étonné que ce n’est pas plus connu que ça hahah ! a++

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