I don’t know why, but most of people learn first how to use grep command before trying to use find. After seeing a very good topic about find command, I took the habit to use it to find file with specific filter and I just use grep sometime to help me to filter outputs. In […]

Hi guys, In this small post I just will explain you how to install Zsh shell interpreter on a Ubuntu host. If you read this post, you probably know the advantages and disadvantages of it. In this post, I will use terminator software and not the classical “terminal” application available of Ubuntu by default. If […]

Hi guys, I decided to write a post which will be constantly updated with some linux hints or commands. Why ? Simply because there are a lot of commands that each time I need them, I don’t exactly remember how to use them without searching for examples on Internet. Don’t hesitate to write a comment […]

In this new article, I will simply explain [HowTo] add a custom welcome message in your Linux terminal. Look mine 🙂 The installation is very simple. Just install figlet software.

Figlet is created to display large characters made up of ordinary screen characters. And now, just edit user’s .bashrc file.

The -c option center […]

A newly discovered security issue in the widely used Linux software, Bash. Some cyber experts have said that this vulnerability may be a bigger threat than famous Heartbleed flaw surfaced in April 14. For those who don’t know, Bash is the software used to control the command prompt on many *nix computer. With this new […]

FinalTerm is a new breed of terminal emulator and it is very fun ! Be careful because it is always in heavy development. The next picture shows you a small example of what this tool can do ! I’m sure by looking this picture you’ll all try to install this new toy. In this document, I […]

When you work with Linux and need to configure server, you are often confronted to check server’s logs which are stored in /var/log/syslog. The problem is that this file contains logs of many applications. Here is an example of the content of syslog.

 The -f parameter allow to run the command infinitely to see […]

In this post, I just will explain how to easily change the color of the text in a Linux terminal. As linux user, I use very often the terminal and I think that default look and feel of terminal is not pretty good. In Linux, Unix and Mac OSX environnement, the prompt settings are stored […]