Hi guys, in this post I have some of the funniest Linux Kernel comments that the programmers have written in some sources files. Please add yours if you find other :-). Personally I just used “grep” command in the kernel source directory. All “suck” comments All “sucker” comments All “shit” comments All “fuck” comments All […]

I just found a cool hidden game inside Chrome browser. When you are not able to connect to Internet for some reason, Chrome show you this page When you see this page, press the “Spacebar” and start the game ! The main goal is to make jumps as long as possible. My personal best score is 1079 […]

FinalTerm is a new breed of terminal emulator and it is very fun ! Be careful because it is always in heavy development. The next picture shows you a small example of what this tool can do ! I’m sure by looking this picture you’ll all try to install this new toy. In this document, I […]

Let’s take a tour of Linux creator Linus Torvalds’ home office. Unlike other photo-perfect workspaces we’ve seen before, this looks like an often-used, practical home office any geek could see inhabiting. There’s even that abandoned desk full of cr*p to the side, replaced by the walking “Zombie shuffling” desk. And there are so many penguins. […]

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