The author Released in January 2000 after completing five years in prison, it has since become one of the brightest experts in computer security. Consultant and cofounder of Defensive Thinking, he has written articles for numerous magazines and newspapers information. His adventures hacker inspired a Hollywood movie, cyberstalking. This book is the second of Kevin David […]

I wrote this article because it was long since I searched a low cost and simple to use media center. I finally find THE (for me 🙂 ) solution to have a simple and very low cost media center at home. This installation guide can be followed by everyone and it doesn’t require special knowledges […]

A lot of people who are passionnate or simply very interested by the technical IT has already searched some information about the hacking term. The hacking is a vast term often used to describe all the technics (or art ?) to bypass software, hardware or networking’s security. In the famous world of Internet, you can […]