Hi everybody. In this post I will just explain how to write multi-line files with bash using cat. I write this post because I am not an expert with Shell scripting and recently, I needed to create ldif files from a shell script. I will explain my old and bad method, and the new one […]

Hi everybody. Today I will explain you how to use LUKS to encrypt a disk partition. LUKS stands for Linux Unified Key Setup that means that you can forget to mount as such LUKS partition on a Windows operating system. LUKS uses cryptsetup user-space tool to configure dmcrypt, a kernel-space module that made all cryptography stuffs. Because LUKS is the standard for Linux […]

I write a little article about rp_filter because I recently had a problem that bothered me for several days. In principle, the main functionality of a router is to route packets from one interface to another one. Linux can be used as router that will route amount of traffic without any issues, if configured correctly. The […]

Hi guys, In this small post I just will explain you how to install Zsh shell interpreter on a Ubuntu host. If you read this post, you probably know the advantages and disadvantages of it. In this post, I will use terminator software and not the classical “terminal” application available of Ubuntu by default. If […]

Hi guys, I decided to write a post which will be constantly updated with some linux hints or commands. Why ? Simply because there are a lot of commands that each time I need them, I don’t exactly remember how to use them without searching for examples on Internet. Don’t hesitate to write a comment […]

Hi guys, in this post I have some of the funniest Linux Kernel comments that the programmers have written in some sources files. Please add yours if you find other :-). Personally I just used “grep” command in the kernel source directory. All “suck” comments All “sucker” comments All “shit” comments All “fuck” comments All […]

February 23, 2015, the newspaper “La Liberté” contains an article about a project on which I worked in the University of Applied Sciences of Fribourg for the company CDI SA at Fribourg. The article is in French. e-SIS project, La Liberté [french][pdf]

Hello everybody, In this post I will explain the simplest method to disable global anonymous binding using cn=config. This method can be easily adapted for a static configuration using slapd.conf. I am not an OpenLDAP expert but in my previous [HowTo] about OpenLDAP 2.4+, the default configuration allow anonymous binding and everybody can read the […]

I just found a cool hidden game inside Chrome browser. When you are not able to connect to Internet for some reason, Chrome show you this page When you see this page, press the “Spacebar” and start the game ! The main goal is to make jumps as long as possible. My personal best score is 1079 […]

Hello, everybody ! Hacker’s world starts new year with a cool gift from an hacker named “Pr0x13″ with the tool iDict which permits to bruteforce iCloud account. This tool is available to download on GitHub. This tool uses an exploit a security flaw of Apple iCloud security infrastructure to bypass restrictions and two-factor authentication security that […]