Hello everybody, In this post I will explain the simplest method to disable global anonymous binding using cn=config. This method can be easily adapted for a static configuration using slapd.conf. I am not an OpenLDAP expert but in my previous [HowTo] about OpenLDAP 2.4+, the default configuration allow anonymous binding and everybody can read the […]

Hi all. For this new post, I will explain how to install an OpenLDAP 2.4+ server on a Ubuntu Linux environment. For information, my current configuration is the following:

My hostname is ldaps.gremaud.local

  Installation To start, simply install OpenLDAP and tools from Ubuntu repositories

 You will be asked to find an […]

In this new post, I will explain how to setup a N-way Multi-master replication with OpenLDAP. There are many possibilities to setup a replication system with OpenLDAP. If you want to learn more about all kind of possible replication architecture, please consult this link. The N-Way multi-master is certainly the most popular replication architecture for […]

When you work with Linux and need to configure server, you are often confronted to check server’s logs which are stored in /var/log/syslog. The problem is that this file contains logs of many applications. Here is an example of the content of syslog.

 The -f parameter allow to run the command infinitely to see […]

In this post, I will explain how to install the popular Asterisk server on a Debian-based system. How do we get started ? Before beginning an installation of an Asterisk Server, you must be aware that there are 3 ways to install it. Bundle : Often a ISO linux with Asterisk and a lot of […]

After my previous post about “How to add new schema to OpenLDAP 2.4+” , I’m just writing a new post to explain how to delete a custom schema in OpenLDAP 2.4+ because it’s not really easy and there is not a lot of documentation and “how-to” about this subject. Firstly, you must know that it’s not […]

Hello ! In this post, I will explain how to add a new schema into OpenLDAP 2.4 and higher. Why ? Because since release 2.4, the structure of the server has a little changed. I’m not an LDAP expert but I’m writing this article because I insulted my OpenLDAP and my Linux several times during […]