I just found a cool hidden game inside Chrome browser. When you are not able to connect to Internet for some reason, Chrome show you this page When you see this page, press the “Spacebar” and start the game ! The main goal is to make jumps as long as possible. My personal best score is 1079 […]

Norse’s ability to track and analyze vast amounts of live Web traffic, providing the first truly effective protection from all threat vectors. Amazing web site !!! http://map.ipviking.com/

Hello. I’ve just created a new page on my site dedicated to many fun stuff ! Click here to see fun stuff !

I wrote this article because it was long since I searched a low cost and simple to use media center. I finally find THE (for me 🙂 ) solution to have a simple and very low cost media center at home. This installation guide can be followed by everyone and it doesn’t require special knowledges […]