October 29th, 2015, Tor announce a Beta release of Tor Messenger, an new instant messaging client that anonymize your conversation. This new tool is based on InstantBird, a messaging client of Mozilla community. Tor Messenger is available for free download for Windows, OSX and Linux plateform. The main objective is to provide an higher level of […]

NTP (Network Time Protocol) is the widely used protocol used by computers to ensure that their internal clocks are accurate. Surprisingly, connections between computers and NTP servers are rarely encrypted, making it possible for hackers to perform man-in-the-middle attacks that reset clocks to times that are months or even years in the past. Recently, in a paper […]

February 23, 2015, the newspaper “La Liberté” contains an article about a project on which I worked in the University of Applied Sciences of Fribourg for the company CDI SA at Fribourg. The article is in French. e-SIS project, La Liberté [french][pdf]

A newly discovered security issue in the widely used Linux software, Bash. Some cyber experts have said that this vulnerability may be a bigger threat than famous Heartbleed flaw surfaced in April 14. For those who don’t know, Bash is the software used to control the command prompt on many *nix computer. With this new […]

Happy Anniversary, Linux! Please join us in celebrating 23 years of the free OS that has changed the world In this picture, you can see a message of Linux’s creator, Linus Torvarld, which have been written 23 or 24 years ago… What do you think about that ? 🙂

Today, an important news about the IT security is issued.  A group of Russian hackers has seized about 1.2 billion internet passwords on U.S. and foreign companies around the world. Hackers have put their hands on user names and access codes of some 420,000 websites. This information comes from researchers at security company Security Hold. […]

Norse’s ability to track and analyze vast amounts of live Web traffic, providing the first truly effective protection from all threat vectors. Amazing web site !!! http://map.ipviking.com/

In recent days, several clients Swiss banks may be potential victims of a Trojan horse. According to various sources, a group of hackers have launched a massive attack against e-banking accounts of 12 Swiss banks. The trojan is called “Retefe” and  this attack has been publicly published by TrendMicro. Attack – Step 1 – Phishing + […]

Apple’s OS X and Microsoft’s Windows operating systems are always in the spotlight, but the free and open-source Linux is not sufficiently emphasized. In this post, you will discover 5 top things that exists because Linux exists ! 1. Android phones and tablets This is certainly the mobile operating system the most used but who knows that Android […]

Today, July 1, 2014, the newspaper “La Liberté” contains an article about a project on which I worked in the University of Applied Sciences of Fribourg for the company WIFAG Polytype. The article is in French. CALMAR project, La Liberté, [french][pdf]