Hello, In this small post, I will explain how to install and setup OpenVAS on a Kali Linux.  First, be sure to have your system up to date.

After that, you can install openVAS.

Once done, just run the setup to perform an initial configuration

This step takes a lot of time […]

Hello, in this new post, I just will explain how to bruteforce simple password used to protected a PDF. There are a lot of free tools on Windows or Linux to do that but I chose pdfcrack. I made this demonstration on a Linux Mint 18.1 Serena. To install the tool, simply use standard apt command. […]

A Fortigate can enter in Conserve Mode when the remaining free physical memory (RAM) is nearly exhausted. The memory threshold that triggers the conserve mode varies by model but it is around 20-30 % of free memory. For example, I have a 61E with a threshold at 70%. To check if your device is in the […]

Hello ! in this post I will explain how to configure correctly your low-end Fortigate unit to be able to see correctly your log in memory. I decided to write this post after encountering problem with FortiWifi 60E running FortiOS 5.4.x.  The problem Currently, the new “line” of Fortigate is named “E”. My first experience […]

Hello everybody ! This post is the first one about the Fortinet products. Since few months, I have the chance to work with a lot of Fortinet products and I will begin to write some articles about these company. Today, I will briefly explain how to break/configure the “lan” default hardware switch present on some low-end […]

Hello everybody, In this post, I present you a small and useful bash script that can be used on Linux/Unix/OSX systems. By working in IT, I often need to know what is my public IP address. Everytime, I must use Google and write something like this: “whatsmyip“… I recently had the idea to write my own bash script. […]

Hello everybody. In this new post, I will explain the basic setup to install an Arch Linux 2016. As mentioned on the official website of Arch (www.archlinux.org), this distribution has the main objectives to be lightweight and flexible. Arch Linux has its official and optimized  packages for i686 and x64_86 architectures. These officials packages are […]

I don’t know why, but most of people learn first how to use grep command before trying to use find. After seeing a very good topic about find command, I took the habit to use it to find file with specific filter and I just use grep sometime to help me to filter outputs. In […]

Hi everybody. In this post I will just explain how to write multi-line files with bash using cat. I write this post because I am not an expert with Shell scripting and recently, I needed to create ldif files from a shell script. I will explain my old and bad method, and the new one […]

Hi everybody. Today I will explain you how to use LUKS to encrypt a disk partition. LUKS stands for Linux Unified Key Setup that means that you can forget to mount as such LUKS partition on a Windows operating system. LUKS uses cryptsetup user-space tool to configure dmcrypt, a kernel-space module that made all cryptography stuffs. Because LUKS is the standard for Linux […]