Hello ! In this new post, I will explain how to retrieve current pattern of an Android device. For you information, this problem has been proposed on a web-based CTF (Capture the Flag) in a computer security competition. I always tried on a rooted device but if someone can try this trick on a non-rooted […]

In this new post, I will explain how to install ADB (Android Debug Bridge) on a Linux Debian based system. What is ADB ? If you read this article, I suppose that you know why do you want to install ADB but like all good [HowTo] I must explain briefly what is it. ADB or Android […]

If you have a Nexus 5, Google has released the developer preview of Android 5, called Android L. In this article, I will explain how to install this preview on your Nexus 5 with the help of a Debian based distribution. Note : Nexus 7 users must bear in mind that the developer preview is available […]